Process Pay to child supplort

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Process Pay to child supplort

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1.Double click on payroll

2.Double click on payroll reports

3.Click on allowances/deductions

4.Enter start and end date for the month you are paying

5.In allowance code type CS.

6.Print and close.

7.Double click on general ledger.

8.Double click on account inquiry.

9.Type in general ledger number 99203 and press enter.

10.Click on the consolidation tab.

11.Click on period and highlight month you are paying.

12.The dollar value of general ledger 99203 should be added to the payroll report.  (refer to previous months in folder.  This will be for "Employee with child support".  Refer to employee supervisor for details

13.While you have the general ledger open you can code the child support report.  Eg.  10203 = 291.56 and 11203 = 200.00

14.We are now going to notify the child support agency via the internet of what we are paying this month.  Log onto the internet and type in  

15.Select login to csaonline

16.Enter the reference number and the password.

17.Click on “you have 5 un-submitted pay dates” and double click on the month that you are paying.

18.Click in the select box on the left hand side and follow the prompts.  For "Employee with child support" you need to submit a section 72 a/b.  If you have any problems just ring the hotline 1800 241 272

19.Photocopy the front page in the file and write the amount you are paying on this and give to management to eft.  Give one copy of this to accounts payable.  The front page has all the eft information.