Process Pay to Superannuation

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Process Pay to Superannuation

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Use this procedure if using BT super to distribute all other super payments.


1.Double click on payroll.

2.Double click on payroll reports.

3.Click in superannuation.

4.Enter date range that you are paying superannuation for.

5.Click on summary.

6.Run report and print.  Usually 5 pages approx.

7.You now need to save the same report as a .csv file to send via the internet to bt superannuation

8.Repeat steps 2 to 4.  You now need to enter the super fund.  Click on the drop down box and choose BT super as an example.  We need to create a file for all funds.

9.Click on output and change to file and click on format and change to csv.  Click on print report.

10.Type the full file name.  E.g.  Supermay07bt.csv

Repeat these steps until you have a csv file for all funds.

11.Go to the internet and log into

12.Click on employers

13.On the right hand side click on BT online employer

14.Using lower case in user name and the password.  Click on go

15.The pay centre will show as your company.  Click continue

16.Click on BT super contributions on the left hand side

17.Click on prepare file

18.In file description type BT super and the month

19.Click on continue

20.You now need to click browse to find your super file.  It is in supermay07bt as an example

21.Click on continue

22.It will take a minute to process the file.  It may come up with unmatched.  Click on unmatched and follow the prompts

23.Print the super contributions – confirmation page. Highlight and control p as the print page does not work

24.Go back to step 19 and choose echo contributions and repeat from steps 20 to 25 for the other two files.  I.e.  CBUS and AMP