Process Pays to BAS (ATO)

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Process Pays to BAS (ATO)

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Use the routine if you have installed the ATO ECI client software


1.Double click on ECI client v5 icon

2.A message will appear “there is no disc in d drive”  click on cancel.  The message may appear again.  Click on cancel.

3.You should now be in the tax office software package.

4.On the left hand side of the screen click on business.

5.Click on in tray.

6.On the bottom of the screen click in get new documents.

7.The screen should now say connect to ATO.  Click on o.k.

8.You will now be asked for a password.  Type "Password" in capital letters

9.Click on o.k.

10.Follow the prompts.  If the system says that there is automatic updates say yes to install them now.  

11.Choose the bas for your company for the month you are paying

12.Enter the required information by clicking on the tabs along the top of the page.  Take a copy of the combined balance sheet for the month you are paying and fill in the blanks.  Our general ledger number 99039 equals 1b GST on purchases.  Our general ledger number 99185 equals 1a GST on sales.  For the total sales take a copy of the combined profit & loss for the month you are paying.  For non-capital purchases make up a figure that suits the GST.  Eg.  GST = 102917 so make the purchases 10 times this 1029170.00.  Refer last month bas in green folder

13.Once you have completed the bas check, save, print and move to the out tray

14.Click on send all to ATO.

15.Click on o.k. and enter password again.  "Password"

16.The next message should say all o.k.

17.Take a copy of the EFT detail sheet in the front of the green bas folder and give to management to EFT along with a copy of the bas.

18.G/l code another copy of the bas and give to accounts

19. make sure this is paid by the due date usually the 21st of each month

20.If you have problems go to the help and ring the ATO