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The PBC Inventory (IV) or stock control system is a multi warehouse standard costing system. Separate warehouse details are maintained as well as national stock levels allowing easy access to complete stock status information. As well as standard costs being used by the system, last in costs and average cost are also available. A separate supplier costing file is available to record supplier discounts and currency variations. The supplier costing also calculates new recommended list prices in accordance with pre-determined margins for user defined purchase categories.

Extensive customer discounts are available in sell categories, specific items for a customer or quantity discounts to all customers for a selected stock items. These discounts are integrated with the order entry system.

The inventory system also includes a Bill Of Material to facilitate stock work orders and enabling easy calculation of product costing. “Where used” inquires makes locating stock items in manufactured product a simple task. Full product build-up for Bills of Material is available from either top down or bottom up.


Price alterations are simply made with the update function copying new costs and new list prices to current costs and list prices thus allowing price increases to be effective from a particular date enabling reports to be performed prior to the increase.


Item numbers may be changed using the item change function updating all modules with the modified item number.

Reports include Stock Reorder reports, indented BOM reports with costing, comparison costing reports and many more.