Copy Warehouse

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Copy Warehouse

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The copy warehouse is used to create other warehouse records using an existing warehouse details.

There are 2 option to create new warehouse records

Option 1 is to use an existing List Name created from the Inventory Master file.

Option 2 is to use an existing item.


Option 1:

After entering a list name(Press drop down to display existing list names) the user is presented with entering the warehouse codes by double clicking on a Whse cell.

Then enter (Use drop down) the existing (source) warehouse code.

Press Next button.




Option 2:

Enter the Existing Item No that has an existing warehouse record.

Double click on a Whse cell to select the destination warehouse code.The default warehouse details are copied.








Change the Supplier details if different from the source warehouse details.


Purch Price:


Enter the supplier price.


Part No:


Enter the supplier part number.





Enter the pricing details if warehouse pricing is enabled.

Uncheck "Goto Supplier..." if the supplier costing facility is NOT being used.