PBC Software Overview

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The PBC Management Information software forms a powerful integrated business tool for the control and management of business information. The PBC software is a multi company, multi user, multi department, multi warehouse system providing a small/medium business all the requirements from estimating and sales to cash flow and debt collecting and end of year processing while controlling and monitoring costs from beginning to end. The software is designed to operate on a standalone computer or on a network with more than 50 workstations with complete multi user, multi company and multi warehouse functionality.

The PBC software has been developed using a very powerful Database platform capable of satisfying your complete business requirements.

The modules included in the standard system include:


Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, General ledger, Inventory, Job costing,

Order entry, Payroll, Purchasing, Quote/Estimating, Work order, Web Interface


Because the PBC Management Information system has been developed using a very versatile database, any information stored in the database is readily available using any of the standard inquiry and report functions or a simple ad-hoc report. Included are administrator maintained extensive user security access allowing authorised users to perform selected tasks and transactions maintaining secure data at all times.

Any custom modifications can be easily included to give your company the exact functionality to suit your unique business requirements. Any customisation, although fully integrated with the standard software package, is kept separate from existing software so that upgrades will not interfere with any customised modifications.

The PBC Management Information System is an end user designed system simplifying everyday tasks ensuring all data is validated and tasks are performed in their correct logical order enabling your company be run efficiently and cost effective.