Work Schedule Master

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Work Schedule Master

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Work Schedule Master control details used in the job work schedules.


Work Schedule Master


Enter the department using these work schedule defaults.


Jobs Per Day:


Other Jobs Per Day:


Max Jobs Friday:


Default Cost Centre:


Not Scheduled Start Date:




Hide Columns:

Columns are hidden when not required.


Hide CC

oNot used by electrical

Hide Variation

oNot used by electrical

Hide Type

oNot used by LAN

Hide Am/Pm

oNot used by electrical

Hide Supervisor

oNot used by LAN

Auto Add New Job Schedule



Work Type:

Used by Survey to display type in daily schedule (if type is not hidden). The entries are displayed on a popup for selection.


Absent Code:

Enter the absent codes used by the absent tab to indicate the reason for absentee.


Double click on period to display options for selection.