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Web Section Codes

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Web Section Codes are used to define the menu system for the web including the glossary.


Web Section Code



Enter a code or press the dropdown for a list of existing web section codes. Use a numerical hierarchy to display the menu in a logical order. If the menu order requires modification then use the New code and press change section code button.



Enter the description to be displayed  popups and reports.


New Code:

If changing the menu structure the use the New Menu code to change/update the web section codes. Press the Change Section code button to action the update.


Icon File:

Not used at the moment.



Enter any words to be included in the glossary section of the web. After pressing any glossary item the items belonging to this section code will be displayed on the web.



Check this POA box for those items where the price is not to be displayed on the web.


POA Instruction:

These are details displayed on the web to override the item description.


Inventory Items:

A list of inventory items belonging to this code.


Change Section Code:

Press to invoke the new code.


Sort By:

Not implemented.


Item Count:

A count of items belonging to this web section code


Group Count:

A count of items belonging to the group


Update Web Purchasing:



Update WEB Jason:



Update CMG Static WEB site:



Update CMG Static JSON Site: