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Web Section Codes

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Web section details control the parameters for the WEB. These include menu structure, glossary, key words etc.

This form also perform the FTP to upload static WEB details to the WEB site such as Images, Glossary, Menu details, Jason code etc.

Some details such as promotion details, prices etc are updated live from the PBC database.

If the layout of the menu requires major modifications, then the user can enter the new section code and bulk change

Web Section Code1

Inventory Items:


These are the number of inventory items with this web section code in the inventory master file.


Change Section Code:



Sort By:



Grouping Report:


The grouping report is a display(report) of how the menu system will behave on the web site.


Update Web Purchasing


Update web Menu Catalog:


Update web glossary:


Update web MSDS:


Update web Datasheet:


Update CMG Static Web Site


Update CMG web Catalog:


Update WEB Jason


Update Jason  Menu Catalog:


Update Jason glossary:


Update Jason MSDS:


Update Jason Datasheet:


Update CMG Static Jason Site


Update CMG Jason Catalog: