Using PBC Help

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Using PBC Help

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Press the F1 key to display the PBC help details.


The PBC help is context sensitive. This means after pressing the F1 key the help file will be directed to the subject displayed in the help file.


The PBC.Chm file located in the p:\Oinsight folder is the default help file.

Any help specific to your industry are located in separate .CHM files.

For example:












Producing the help details is a continuing process and if any user finds any errors please contact Chris Meyer  to update the master help. You will be rewarded with the latest version of PBC.chm or your industry files. Any assistance in producing this help will be much appreciated as this is a mammoth task.

Unfortunately the maintenance of all help files can only be performed by staff at Parramatta Business Consultants as this requires special help generating software.


The structure of the help file is the same as the PBC menu system for your convenience.


Updating PBC Help

There are at least 2 files requiring update. One file in the PBC database (PBC_HELP) which contains the link to the appropriate section in the help file and the .CHM file(s) itself located in the Oinsight directory.

Perform the following Step:

1.Update the help on laptop from all user accounts by pressing "PBC Help Update"

2.Run "Add rows to existing RDK" selecting PBC_Help_Update routine.

3.Extract "PBC_HELP_RECORDS" deployment.

4.Copy c:\ (Ctrl C) ready for pasting on client server.

5.Log into client server where PBC resides

6.Copy OIUPG HELP RECORDS to p:\temp  folder (Ctrl V)

7.Log into PBC

8.Incremental update using p:\temp\OIUPG HELP RECORDS folder

9.log out of PBC on client server.

10.Go back to local laptop

11.Copy PBC.chm file from c:\revsoft\oinsight\pbc.chm

12.Go back to client server

13.Go to P:\oinsight folder.

14.Past PBC.chm into this folder and override exiting file.

15.Repeat steps 10 - 14 for the local chm file.







16.Test if update successful by pressing F1 for a new help instruction.