Users Logged in Report

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Users Logged in Report

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This report shows PBC users currently logged in.

Users Logged In1

The top table shows users currently active as determined by the PBC_Users file. This is used to inform the user if the user is logging in more than once.


Note: If a user has logged in more than once and decided to continue and subsequently logs off then PBC will indicate the user has completely logged off and will not be included in the top table.


The bottom table shows users currently logged on as determined by the OpenInsight licensing.


Note: If a user has quit PBC as a result of a locked program (Not responding)  then it is possible for the workstation to still have Oinsight.exe running in the background thus using a license.You will need to go to the task Manager to determine if there is an orphan copy of Oinsight running in the background.