Unallocated Cash

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Unallocated Cash

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Debtors Unallocated Cash:


Use the reallocation function to reallocate unallocated cash.


Only those debtors with unallocated cash are displayed for selection.


NB.        You must step through the "To Debtor No" field to display the invoice details with amounts owing for the debtor.


To remove / eliminate small unallocated amounts such as amounts less than 10 cents adjust the value of an existing invoice up by the unallocated amount the reallocated the unallocated amount to the adjusted invoice to bring the invoice balance back to the original value. Note: The adjustment amount of the invoice must be -ve to increase the value of the invoice.


Unallocated Cash1

Debtor List:

This is a list af all debtors with an unallocated cash balance. Double click on the debtor name then select the unallocated cash number from the list and the unallocated details will be displayed.


You MUST then highlight the "To debtor number" to display the invoice numbers for selection.


This is to force the user to select the "TO debtor Number" in case the unallocated amount has been received to the wrong debtor and this amount is to be transferred to another debtor. If this is the case then enter the correct debtor number for which this unallocated amount is to be transferred to and the invoice numbers for the new debtor will be displayed.


To Debtor:

The default To Debtor is the same as the original debtor credited with the unallocated cash.


It is necessary to step through the "To Debtor Number" before anry invoice details are displayed for this debtor.

The default debtor no is the same as the debtor number of the unallocated receipt.

If the receipt was received for the wrong debtor then change the debtor number to the correct debtor and the unallocated amount will be transferred the the new debtor. The  original receipt debtor will have its account increased and the To debtor will have its account balance reduced by the unallocated amount.


Unallocated Cash2




The receipt amount (Unallocated balance) will not be displayed until the user has selected the "To Debtor NO".


The reallocated amount may then be changed to the desired amount and the invoice to which this amount is to be allocated.


Invoice No:

Highlight the invoice number for which the allocation amount is to be processed.


If No invoice numbers are displayed in the invoice table then go back to the "To Debtor NO" to select the debtor to which this amount is to be reallocated.


Multiple Select:

Unallocated Cash3

Press this to display the invoices if more than one invoice is to be applied for the unallocated amount.