Time Cards

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Time Cards

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The deadline for time sheets is Monday at close of business.  Once you have received all your timesheets they need to be processed.  Go to pbc.  Double click on payroll and double click on time card entry.  If you experience difficulty getting into time card entry just log out of pbc and come back in.  Process for the following date is the Sunday date of the week ending.  Most pay week are from Monday through to Sunday, therefore the week ending date is Sunday.


Processing of time cards is hours only not dollars.  There is no confidential information in time card entry.  Anyone would be able to process time cards.


Time Card Entry1


As soon as you press an employee which has not been processed (RED) then the time card default details will be loaded automatically.

Notice the message being displayed as per employee master file message.

This message may indicate the following:


Time Card Entry3


This message advises you that Saturday work of 6 hours is a set rate of $200 for the day and any overtime worked is at the single rate.  If this person worked Saturday you need to highlight the Saturday on the time sheet as you will need this when you process payroll.  If an employee works Saturday and they are on overtime you need to pay them 2 hours at time & half and 4 hours at double time.  A standard Saturday is 6 hours.


Enter the adjustments as per the timesheets.  Reduce the 40 hours on the first line by the adjusted hours as shown.  Ensure that the totals on the bottom blue line are correct.  Remember that an rdo is 8 hours and all other leave is 7.6 hours.  This time card also shows 3.5 hours as single rate overtime.  If overtime was at time & half etc you would put 3.5 under the x1.50 column.  If someone takes leave without pay (lwop) reduce the 40 hours by the lwop hours and choose a new line and put in lwop and the number of hours.  If leave or rdo is taken and you get a message to say they do not have enough you need to ring their supervisor or use annual instead of sick etc.  You need to use your own discretion.  Click on the save button.  The red button in the left hand column will change to green.  You can make additional changes to a saved time sheet by just clicking on the name.


Any time cards already processed will be GREEN


Time Card Entry2

The above message is a typical expiry message.


Once you have entered all the time sheets the only red buttons will be for employees that you are not paying.  Eg casuals that did not work