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To initialise the job schedule system perform the following:


1. Enter the job details ensuring the job type is a service job type.

2. Enter the job scope details entering a scope of works for each different

  scope. e.g if there are 2 visits per month then one scope may describe the

  first visit with zero value invoice and the 2nd visit may include the

  value of the 1st visit so that one invoice per month will be generated for

  both visits.

3. Enter the job program information entering an event for each expected

  service visit.


Running the job schedule system perform the following:


1. Generate a job schedule which combines the job programs with the job scopes

  to produce a job schedule for every day for the selected period.

2. Raise a purchase order (from job schedule) on all subcontractors as defined

  in the job scopes.

3. Edit each job schedule for extra work to be included by subcontractor.

4. Print job schedule for each subcontractor (at the beginning of the month)

5. Print job schedule equipment requirement report for warehouse manager.

6. Transfer any stock items to be supplied to a particular schedule.