Sell Codes

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Sell Codes

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Sell Codes are used to group inventory items together with similar selling conditions. Used for reports and Web grouping.


Sell Code


Section Code:

Press the dropdown for a list of existing sell codes or enter  new code.



Enter the description to be displayed on the popup


Section Code:

Double click on a section code cell to display available section code for theweb.



Enter the department.


Maximum discount:

Enter the maximum discount for those salesman who do not have permission to override the sales discount.


Sell Price Markup:

Enter the markup for all items with this sell code.


Sell Price Markup Report:

run the sell code markup report for warehouse 1


Apply Sell Code Markup:

Yet to be implemented


View Item Master:

View inventory items belonging to this sell code.


View Item Sales:

View year to date sales for items belonging to this sell code.