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Debtors Refund Payment:


Use the debtor refund function to pay a debtor a refund for either monies received and amounts in unallocated amounts or a credit note (-ve invoice) if found for this debtor.

The refund may be applied to this unallocated balance or the credit note.


The refund is usually paid by cheque.


debtors Payments1

Enter the debtor number having some unallocated cash or -ve invoice.

After entering the debtor number a popup of unallocated cash will be displayed for selection. Select the required unallocated cash then

debtors Payments2

Select the payment type (usually an "M" for manual cheque payment).

Enter the cheque/Payment no

debtors Payments3


If no unallocated is selected you may enter a credit note (invoice No with -ve balance) for processing a debtor payment.


Enter any comments for your reference.