Process to use PBC Demo System

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Process to use PBC Demo System

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1.The PBC demo system can be used to test applications

2.If you want the latest data you need to do a backup before proceeding.  If you do not need the latest data do not do the backup

3.To do backup log out of PBC

4.Double click on p drive

5.Double click on pbc_backup

6.Press Ctrl A

7.All the files will become highlighted in blue

8.Right click in the blue area and click on copy

9.Go back to p drive and click on demo

10.Right click in a clear area and click on paste

11.Click yes to all.  You may be required to click on yes to all more than once

12.Go back into PBC.  Enter your password and then click on the demo system before pressing enter

13.This will allow you to test applications and see what effect they have before proceeding in the live system

14.When you have finished testing log out of PBC demo system and log back into PBC live