Process Reconcile Other Debtors

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Process Reconcile Other Debtors

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1.Double click on general ledger.

2.Double click on reports.

3.Double click on account card.

4.Enter the general ledger number 99021 to 99021.

5.Click on consolidated.  This will print all departments for other debtors.  Eg. 10021 etc

6.Click on summary and run report.

7.Adjust the excel spread sheet for any additions or changes.

8.Change the month and add or minus the entries from the account card.  Other debtors is a clearing account so eventually the balance should be nil.  If there are entries to other debtors there should be a reversing entry either in the same month or the following month on most of the items.

9.If there is an entry that should not be in other debtors adjust or journal accordingly.