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Print Pay Slips

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Click on the next tab which is the printer.

payroll processing16

This enables you to print payslips.

If all payslips are to be printed/Emailed then leave the report option as All Payslips.

If not all payslips are to be printed then:

Click on selected payslips.

Double click in the first blank line under no.

payroll processing19  


On the employee popup (after pressing the No. column)


Printing Selected Payslips indicate that payslips may need to be processed in batches. As an example:


Click on the word dept and this will sort into department order.  Print all departments except for central and north coast and melbourne.  Hand out to office staff and/or file for electricians behind their folder in payroll file.  To email branches highlight all of dept 12 and press o.k.  in output click on terminal and print report.  Click on the red squiggle tab at the bottom left side of the screen.  Click on pdf and email.  Click on the three dots and choose z drive dian personal and payslips central coast.  You will be replacing the existing file.  Click o.k.  it will then come up with print range.  Click all and o.k.  then the email screen will appear.  Type in the address and send.  Repeat this process for department 15 and 22.  Only send to branch managers.  If you have to email to someone different ensure that you delete the branch managers payslip before sending.  Remember pays are confidential