Print Invoices

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Print Invoices

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Print Debtors Invoices

Use this function to print/email unprinted debtors invoices.

Print Invoice

Double click on an empty invoice cell to display unprinted invoices.

Print Invoice1

From the unprinted invoice list select the invoice to be printed or emailed. Press select all to select all invoices.

Press OK to transfer the selected list to the invoice list.

Print Invoice2

Press Posting Summary to display department summary totals.

Press print invoice to complete the printing process.



If the error Posting is currently being processed by...... Is displayed then either another user is currently posting invoices or the previous posting did not complete.

If no other user is currently posting then the posting flag needs to be reset.

To reset the posting flag perform the following:

1.Start the editor

2.Open the ARPOST record in the CONTROLS file (Ctrl R to open a record).

3.Delete the user data in field 1

4.Save the record.