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Post Invoices

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Post Debtor Invoices

After creating a debtor invoice and printing invoices then posting the invoice will add all the invoice details to the debtors module. Once an invoice has been posted NO modifications are possible other than changing the customer order number.


If a posted invoice is incorrect the a credit note has to be raised or the invoice amount has be adjusted.

Only printed invoice can be posted so check if all invoices are printed before posting.

Some invoice details may be changed prior to posting such as job invoices and general ledger invoice.

To prevent or delay posting some invoices there is an option in the sales order module to delay posting invoices even if printed. This is to allow postponing posting at end of month to allow delivery before the end of month but extra credit is included in the next period.

Post invoices1

If an invoice is not to be posted then highlight the invoice and delete from the posting list. This does not delete the invoice but only the posting.

Posting Summary:

Press posting summary to display a department posting summary.

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