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PBC Online

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PBC On Line is an application designed to exchange PBC data from the job scheduler to a smart phone.

Start the application on your smart phone or any internet browser by entering the company web address as supplied by the IT manager.


PBC Online Log On:

Enter the user name and password then press logon.

PBC OnlineL

After logging on the following is displayed.


PBC Online1

Clock On:

PBC Online2

Select the required job and the job details are displayed.

PBC Online4



PBC Online5

Tick any extra employees or toggle existing employee off. Labour as per work schedule for this date are pre selected to start at the selected time.


Start Time:

The default start time is when the user logged on to PBC Online. If the start time requires modification select the new time before4 pressing Clock On.



Clock On:

After pressing Clock on you have the opportunity to edit the start times.

PBC Online6



Jobs For Today:

PBC Online3



Clock Off:

PBC Online7

When clocking off only job that have been clocked on will be displayed for clocking off.

Press the job to log off.

PBC Online8


If selecting employees to clock off:

PBC Online9

You can de select any employees not clocking off at this time.

Only employees clocked on will be pre selected as requiring clocking off.

PBC Online10



Job Clock Report:



Site Instruction Form:



Contact Details:

PBC Online11

Click on an employee name to send an email or click on mobile no to call.




Create Job:



Safe Work Method Statement:



Log Out: