Super Funds

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Super Funds

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Super funds are used to post the super accruals to the general ledger.





Enter the super fund code (Without Spaces) or the drop down for existing codes.



Enter a brief description to describe the super fund.


Super Account No:

This is the general ledger account number for accrual.

Enter a valid a GL account number or use the drop down for existing codes.



Use the account No if all the departments use the same GL chart account no. If the department do not use the same account no then enter the Super GL  No instead.


Super GL No:

Leave blank if using the account no otherwise enter the full GL No or use the drop down for existing GL nos.


Fund Id:

This is a required entry used when creating a Super Clearing Report. The fund ID supplied by the Super fund can take he form of a Spin No, ABN No Etc.


Master Fund:

Tick this box if this super fund is used as clearing super fund for other super funds such as BT super.