Staff Pay Hour Types

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Staff Pay Hour Types

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Staff Pay Hour Type controls the accrual  amounts and employment conditions for groups of employees.


Staff Pay hour Type1



Enter a code (without spaces) or press the drop down for existing codes.

Staff type1



Enter the description text.




oSelect salaried if this group of employees are not paid overtime.


oThis is the normal selection even for salaried employees when the time card for salaries employees are usually as per time card default



Period Hours:

Enter the normal period hours. This is used to advise the data entry person if normal hours exceed the period hours. Maybe the excess normal time card hours should be transferred to overtime hours.


Day Hours:

Enter the day hours used to convert hours to days in the employee entitlements displays and reports.


Super Rate %:

Enter the default super rate.


Net Pay Rounding:

Enter the net pay rounding amount. Any rounding amount will be added to the tax amount such that the employee net pay is rounded to this amount.


Hours Rounding:

For later use.


Productivity Allowance:

Used to accrue productivity entitlements.


Dflt Time Card Code:

Enter the default time card code used in job clocking. This is used for employees who do not normally work on jobs or work orders such as warehousing or sales employees.

Staff Pay hour Type3


Dflt Annual Leave Code:


Enter the default annual leave code used in uploading job clocking default for annual leave.

Staff Pay hour Type4

Hours Code Table

Staff Pay hour Type5

Double click on Empty Hours code cell to display existing Payroll Earning Group codes for selection.

Payroll Earning Group2

Double click on empty Type cell to display existing selection.

Staff Pay hour Type6

Enter Year 1 annual entitlements and Year 2 entitlements then the maximum accrual amount at which poit no more accual will be added to the entitlements.


Overtime Control Hours:

Reserved for later use.