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Payroll Reports

Use payroll reports to print various payroll details. For each report option the appropriate selection will be enabled. Change the sort by to sort the reports by employee number or by employee name.



Payroll reports



Pay Transfer:


Enter the pay date for the pay transfer report.

Pay transfer report

Pay History:


Enter the Start pay date and the End Pay date for the pay transfer report. If Week ending dates are used then the pay dates are not required.

If an employee number is entered the only this employee details are include in the report. This is useful if a complete year is required for a single employee and the date include the compete year.

Similarly if a summary report for a department is required the enter a department code. Display the report to screen for checking the details prior to printing.

Also use the pay history report for the complete year to compare the summary report with the group certificate report.


Pay History Options:

Only used for the pay history report. Select Summary or detail or both for the Pay History Options

Summary Report:

Summary report

Detail Report:

detail report


allowance report


If the super fund is left blank then all super are included in the report.

If a super fund is select then only this super fund is included in the report.

If a super fund is selected and the Not check box is ticked then this super fund is exclude from the report and all other super funds are included in the report. This is useful if your super fund will distribute all other super fund contributions in a separate report.

Super report

Unposted Time Cards:

This will display any time cards that have not been posted to the job costing system.


Unposted Pays:

This will display any pay details that have not been posted to the payroll system.


Earning Group Hours:

earning group

Earning Group Amounts:

earning amounts

Payroll Tax/Classification:

This report will include all pay details records with employees with classification text as per employee master file.

Payroll Tax


Similar to report above but only include employees with classification starting with "APPRENTICE"



Enter the classification text such as apprentice for payroll tax purposes.


Earning Type Amounts:


Enter the earning type and run the report.

earning type