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Ap Payments:


Use the creditors payments window to pay creditors.


Select payment type,        M       Manual Cheque

                 E       Electronic Funds Transfer

                 B       Credit Card Payment

Select creditor, if creditor number is unknown enter key letters eg. AIR.

Select creditor from list by enter then "OK". Outstanding invoices will select with enter then "OK".

Enter through amount and invoices (should be those chosen).

Select pay bank account (which account is paying the creditor), if unknown drop down and select.

Default through Payment Date and Cheque/Eft No. Once all relevant information has been entered 'OK" and write Cheque/Eft No. on

the invoice.



Cheque Amount:

This is a numeric 13 character field.  This is the amount of the cheque to be printed .

In entering an amount it is not necessary to enter the cents unless the amount actually has cents in it.  to enter $100.00 all you need to type in would be one and two zeros and this would be displayed on the screen as $100.00.  If you are using cents then both 100.50 and 100.5 would be displayed as $100.50.


This program will not allow you to pay more than the account balance.


Cheque/EFT no:

Cheque number as per cheque book or next sequential number for EFT payments.

Cheque Nos must be numeric and suggest using leading zeros.

For EFT payment the cheque No will be preceded by an 'E'.

For Credit card payments the cheque No will be preceded with a 'B'


Payment Invoice No (Right):

The line amount will default to the correct amount from the purchase order. If there has been freight added to the item total then this amount needs to be changed to the same amount.