Myob Generic Import

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Myob Generic Import

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Myob Generic Import Procedure:


Must perform the MYOB imports in the order as below otherwise some data will be deleted.


1.        Get latest copy of MYOB data and put into c:\arev-wfs\wfss

2.        Export all data while renaming Original import files to "abc org.txt"

3.        Run GL import routine and press Initialise Myob GL

 Make line 116 current year earning zero so that the balance sheet balances(check for zero)

4.        Check if no new accounts have been added (Pink or RED in PBC Gl column)

5.        Start Import

6.        Run Financial GL Balance sheet reports and check against MYOB reports.

7.        Copy whole GL folder to Network P drive.



MYOB Generic Import Procedure:


1.Get the latest copy of MYOB data base and copy into c:\arev-wfs\wfss.

2.Export all data by replacing exiting export files and renaming original export file to "abc org.txt"

         ACCOUNTS.TXT                Accounts - Account information

         CONTLOGS.TXT                Contact Logs

         CUST.TXT                        Cards - Customer Cards

         CUSTLISTS.TXT                Custom Lists

         EMPLOY.TXT                        Cards - Employee Cards

         GENERAL.TXT                        General - Journal entries

         ITEM.TXT                        Items

         JOBS.TXT                        Jobs

         JOURNAL_all.TXT                Transaction Journals - Source Journal = all then change file to Journal_all.txt

         NONCONTAXCODE.TXT        Tax Code List - Non Consolidated Codes

         RECEIVEMONEY.TXT                Receive Money

         SERVPUR debits.TXT                Purchases -> Debits

         SERVPUR_all.TXT                Purchases -> All Purchases

         SERVPUR_open.TXT                Purchases - Open

         SERVSALE credits.TXT                Sales - Service Sales -> Status = Credit

         SERVSALE open.TXT                Sales - Service Sales -> Status = Open

         SERVSALE_all.TXT                Sales - Service Sales -> Status = all

         SPENDMONEY.TXT                Spend Money

         SUPPLIERS.TXT                        Cards - Supplier Cards

3.        Attach Myob Data

 GL import Procedure

1.Open GL import Routine.

2.Press Initialise MYOB GL to retrieve latest Myob data (2nd tab) - Save & Reload to display changes

3.Check for new Myob GL accounts (See if any PBC GL column entries are Pink or Red (Orange cells are OK) If any pink must insert and create any new or missing account

4.Zero line 119 "Current year earnings" and check if MYOB total is now zero

5.Start GL import

6.Run Balance sheet report and check against MYOB gl reports.

 Customer import Procedure

 1. Open Customers import routine - Start Import

 2. Will only add new cards and compare company name with comments in debtors master file

 3. Open Invoices Open and start import (must do this first as this clears existing account balances)

 4. Open Invoice Credits and start import (does not clear account balances)

 5. Check general ledger debtors account against debtors master account balance.



 Supplier Import Procedure

1.Open Creditors import routine

2. Will only add new cards and compare company name with comments in creditors master file

3.Open Purchases import routine (must do this first as .

4.Will clear ap invoice and Aptrans files

5. Open Purchases_Debits import routine.

6.Open Purchases import routine

7.Check creditors trial balance against creditors general ledger


 Job Import procedure

1.Open Job import routine.(not importing job as they already exist. Check for missing jobs in syslists ignore jobs with letters behind them)

2.Run Fix paid amounts in SERPUR_all.txt file

3.Open Job_Invoices Routine.. (This will clear jc_job,Jctrans & Cost_center_Details files)

4.Open Job_Purchases routine.

5.Run Work in progress report and check with Myob (UJ)

6.Check WIP report with WIP in GL (Problem see UJ)