Maintain User Options

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Maintain User Options

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Use the maintain user option to set up and maintain PBC user menu access, one of the security functions within PBC.


To create a new user enter the new user name initials without spaces and you will be requested to copy an existing user.

user options2

Click Yes then select a similar person to avoid entering all the menu access for the new user.

user options1




Enter the user access level. The lower the level the more access the user has in some functions where the user level is used to restrict a user from performing certain functions. Usually level 6 has the most restricted access. These level have been imported from the previous DOS version of PBC software where the only security access was controlled by this level.


Message Group:

Enter the message group if you are using the PBC messaging System. Most companies use the standard emailing system instead of the PBC messaging system. To use the PBC messaging system requires the user to be logged in to PBC for the messaging function to operate.


Email Address:

Enter the default email address for this user.



Enter the default department for this user.



Enter the default salesman code for this user.



Enter the default warehouse code for this user.


Signature Location:

Enter the location of this users signature used in some reports where a signature is included in the report. If you are creating a report

Allow Delete:

Tick this box to enable the delete button on most forms. If this is not ticked the user will not be able to delete records in PBC.


Allow TCL:

TCL (Terminal Control Language) is activated by pressing the F5 key. Be careful to enable the the F5 key as users will have access to the ALL data in the PBC database. The language used by TCL functions similar to the SQL language. Refer to USING TCL for further details.


Adjust Window Sizes:


Do not use for Background Indexing:


Restrict user to above department:


View Only: