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Gl Journal:


Use the general ledger journal entry window to enter transaction directly into the general ledger.



Transaction Date:

his is the either today's date (which is set up as a default and can e used by pressing [ENTER]) or the date on the document.


GST Flag:

Does this journal entry include GST. Y/N.

E.g. Bank charges or financial transactions do not attract GST

    Most expenses claimed by the company include GST.



Document Amount:

This could be the document number against which the General Ledger transaction is being made.



A 40 digit alphanumeric field for entering any details which you may feel are pertinent to the transaction.


Gl Number:

Enter the GL No if known or type any part of the GL description to display the relevant GL Accounts.

Debit Amount:

Enter in the amount to be debited to this general ledger account number.

Credit Amount:

Enter in the amount to be credited to this general ledger account number.

Debits must equal credits.

Both debits and credits are entered in as positive numbers.




The message above may occur if the general ledger selected has the GST flag set in the GL Account master data.


Recurring Journal:

Press Recurring journal to select a previously save journal. See Recurring Transactions for details


Save Recurring Journal: