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The Job Work Schedule is used to record projected work activities and manage available labour resources.

The columns displayed and some report parameters are set in the work schedule master control details.

The work schedule is also used by PBC on Line.





Date Picker:


Use the date picker to select the required date. To days date has a red border and the selected date is orange. The dates underlined in red have existing jobs scheduled for that day.


If another month is required the either use the left/right arrows or hold the left mouse button down on the month text (January 2013) and a display for available months for selection.



Enter the department or use the drop down to select available department. The initial department is the default user department.


Locked By:

This is to advise other users who has this schedule locked.


Press the SMS button to send sms to employees or Job Labour persons without a company name.

Highlight a job with valid employees before pressing the SMS button. For SMS Details refer to:PBC SMS


Daily Tab


Job No:

Enter the job number or job name for a job search.

Double click on a job number to go to the job master file.


After selecting a valid Job Number Right Click for:


oAfter selecting the copy function a popup of dates will be displayed.


oExisting dates with this job no are pre selected and displayed in Blue. Click on any date in white and press ok to start the copy process.


oSimilar to the copy process except the original job no will be deleted.

Set Colour


oSelect the colour to set the colour of the row to identify at a glance the type of job.

Clear Colour

oClear the colour back to default.



You must double click on the person cell to add/delete personnel assigned to the job. DO NOT ADD THE PERSON DETAILS MANUALLY otherwise the SMS function will not operate correctly


Select the labour required for the job. Absent labour is displayed at the bottom of the list.

The labour on the list is controlled by the labour resources data.



Double click on comments cell to expand the edit box for details.


Weekly Tab


The week days being displayed always start on Monday as the first column. The current date selected is displayed in RED

Each date being displayed has the number of jobs for that day in brackets.

A job may be moved by left clicking on a cell and dragging the details to an empty cell while holding down the left mouse button.

Similar to the daily tab select a cell and right click to copy, reschedule or set the colour of a job


Absent Tab


Select persons not available for the selected date. For example sick leave, holiday, tech etc.

Double click on code to display existing labour resources, then select any absent person for the selected date.

Any absent person will no be displayed when selecting the labour.


Absent type:

Double click on absent type to display available options.  The available options are defined in the work schedule master.


Pending Jobs Tab


If any job with status 'P' will be displayed on this list.


Reports Tab


All reports are displayed on the screen for reference.



View Locked Tab


The above list are all the locked schedules other than the schedule locked by your self.



Before the dates can be displayed the srpdatepicker.ocx must be registered.


View Clocking Tab

Click the View clocking tab to display existing job clocking details.


Double clicking on the Emp No will display the actual clocking data for editing.