Job Master

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Job Master

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Job Master:


To (O)pen a (C)losed job you must have permission to do so.

If the job status is already (O)pen then the status radio button is disabled.





Site Details:

Job master1


Cost Centres:

Job master2

Cost Centre Table:


Item Description:


Enter as detailed a description of work to be carried out.


Item Cost:

Enter the required costs for each cost center.This will update by cost center the total budget costs in the master cost center file.


Labour rate to include statuary O/H - excluding indirect o/h charges. material costs are purchased price as raised on the purchase order or stock transfered at standard cost.


Contract Value:

Contract value is the original value excluding sales tax.



Job master3


Tick the box- this allows for automatic allowance for fares to be processed for payroll purposes. SITE hours only.



Job master4

Right click on a Variation No to:

Edit Variation:

New Variation:




Job master5




Work Orders:

Job master6




Job master7

Budget Approved Date:


Date Completed:

Enter the date this job was completed.



Right click on the required specification type to enter the specification details.

Edit/Add job spec




Form to Print:

Budget Approval Form

Site Instruction Form

Variation Approval Form

Variation Site Instruction

Job Cost Schedule

Open Variations



Job master8




Job master9




Job master10