Job Delivery

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Job Delivery

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Job Delivery details are used to control material movement in/out of a job. These materials may be stock movements or a record of any other material transferred to/from a job. For example if a ladder owned by the company is sent to a job site and a record is to be recorders then create a job delivery record.

After creating a job delivery record the delivery is printed for picking, then the job delivery is picked ready for delivery and when the materials have arrived at the destination the job delivery is confirmed. This process is similar in concept to the sales order module creating a picking slip and confirming when picked.


Outstanding job deliveries that are to be transferred from stock, then the stock available will be automatically adjusted to reflect items committed to the job delivery.


Job Delivery1


Enter the job No (or part of the job name) to display existing job deliveries.


Right click on the work order table to:


Job Delivery3

New Delivery

Select New delivery to create a new job delivery record. Only open job can have a new delivery created.


Job Delivery4


Job Delivery5

Enter any stock items to be transferred from stock to job.


Picking Instruction

Job Delivery6


Delivery Instruction

Job Delivery7


Confirm/Receive Delivery




Delete Delivery