Inter Company Accounts

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Inter Company Accounts

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Inter company account details are required if the inter Company option is activated as per group master file.

Then Inter Company function enables PBC to transfer costs automatically between one company and another. This is only required if a balance sheet is required for each department otherwise all the balance sheet items are located in a single department say department 99 and is usually the admin department. Such balance sheet items as Debtors, Creditors, Stock, WIP (Job costing), Bank account etc.


You MUST include ALL combinations of the matrix of From Company and To Company.

e.g if there are 3 companies 01, 02 & 03 then we expect 2X3=6 entries. If there are 10 companies then we expect 9X10=90 entries:

From Company        To Company

01                        02

01                        03

02                        01

02                        03

03                        01

03                        02


Inter Company Account

From Companyt:


The From Company is the company selling the asset.

Enter the From Company or press the drop down to select an existing company.


To Company:


The To Company is the Company receiving the asset.

Enter the To Company or press the drop down to select an existing Company.




The general ledger account number is the the inter company sales account for the selling (To) Company.


Enter the general ledger account # or press the drop down to select an existing general ledger number.