Incremental Update

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Incremental Update

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System Inremental Upgrade:


Use this upgrade routine to upgrade the current version of data and programs.


The upgrade process will:

     update all program files to the upgrade version.

     update all dictionaries required for the upgrade version

     update the logon display banner with the upgrade version

     store this upgrade version for later comparison.




The default upgrade directory is C:\OIUPG



The procedures is as follows:

1.If the upgrade information is supplied as a email ZIP attachment then copy the ZIP content to the upgrade path. eg  C:\OIUPG.PBCZIP

2.OR copy the email attachment to the upgrade path. eg  C:\OIUPG.PBCZIP

3.Check the components by pressing the Components button. You should see some date displayed, Press Ok to go back to the upgrade window.

4.Press Upgrade Now button to start to upgrade process.




For the upgrade process to proceed then press Upgrade Now.


At the successful completion of the upgrade process the message

          "Upgrade Successful"

will be displayed indicating a successful upgrade. If the upgrade process does not complete

for the second time then call your supplier for further assistance.

All users must log out and log back in to PBC to use the new upgraded functions.