Report Accounts

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Report Accounts

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This form records the details required for the Accountants Report.


Report Accounts1


Report Type:

Press the dropdown to select existing report type. To add a new report type go to Reports Account Type. This is the first part of the key.


Account No:

Enter a numeric account number. The Accountant report will be sorted by this account No. The account number has a different sequence to the general ledger account numbers. This may be a sequence of numbers suggested by the accountant for say a tax report or a bank report.

Press the dropdown to display existing report account numbers for this account report.

Report Accounts2



Section Heading:

Enter a section heading for major grouping or sub totals headings in the report.


Sub Total:

Check the Sub Total if this account is to print an amount in the sub total column. The GL No entries in the subtotal are not general ledger account numbers but report account numbers.


Gl No:

Enter all the general ledger account numbers to be included in the report section. Double click to display existing general ledger accounts for selection. the user may select more than one GL account.


Account No: