Master Department

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Master Department

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The department file contains all general ledger account numbers used as defaults when processing any transaction to be posted to the general ledger.


The department id is a 2 digit code and it is advisable to structure the department codes.

  e.g        20 Sales department company 1

         49 Admin department company 1


The department code will be the first 2 digits of the general ledger account number.


When reporting financial details a group of departments maybe consolidated to make up a complete company.

Department Master1

Department Code:

Enter a 2 digit department code or press dropdown for a department code listing.



Enter a department description that will adequately describe the relevant department.





The department abbreviation is a 4 (or less) character code used in reports where space is limited.


All general ledger number are required before being able to save the department details.


Department Main Tab:



Department Stock Tab:


Department Job Costing Tab:


Department Payroll Tab:


Department Debtor/Creditor Tab:


Department Master2


Enter the debtors GL number. This is a required entry. This GL number will be used as a default while invoicing etc.



Enter the creditors GL number. This is a required entry


Department Misc Tab:

Department Master3

P.L Transfer Year End:

GL account for year end P&L balance transferred to. This account must be zero prior to year end. An error will be displayed to inform you to journal the balance usually into the accumulated funds account.



Department Invoice Heading Tab: