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General Ledger Company Details Maintenance:


These company details are not printed on documents such as invoices & purchase orders. These details are read from the division Master file.

The company details are used for ATO reporting and changing the heading image if multiple companies are used.


Company Details1

Company Name:

Enter the full legal company name.

Leave blank if trading name is the same as the company name.

The company name will be printed as part of the heading preceding the ACN No.


Company ACN:

Enter Australian Company Number (ACN). This should be numeric only.


Short Name:

Company Short Name to be displayed in the status line to identify which company the user has logged into.

Must be less than 5 characters.


ACN Title:

The ACN title will be printed preceding the ACN number in the official heading on reports such as purchase orders.


Company Details:

Company Details2

PAYG Rate(T2):

The default PAYG Rate is defined in the company details. You can change the rate here if you wish. The PAYG is supplied by the ATO on your BAS statement.


Help Account:


Company Details3

Select the company to display the personalised help after pressing F1 within PBC. If the help details contain a reference matching this help account then this CHM file will be used to display the help.

To edit the help file you must have user access in module referring to System Functions/Enable CHM interface.





Company Details4


If data is entered in these company images then these images will override image details stored in the System Images.