Master Branch

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Master Branch

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The branch master contains the next transaction numbers for each branch.

A branch is a location belonging to a division that has its own set of transaction ids such as invoice number, purchase order number etc. The branch code (a single letter) precedes the document number. For example debtor invoices start with the letter 'I" then followed by the branch code in this case "N" therefore the invoice no will be IN12345. Purchase order numbers

The following code are predetermined:


Debtors Invoice No:        I

Purchase order No:        P

Stock Quote No:        SQ

Work Order No:                W

Credit Note No:                C

Supplier Quote No:        PQ

Transport No:                T


Branch Master

Do not change any transaction number that is less than the original number as this will cause conflict with existing transactions since all transaction ids have to be unique.

When starting a new branch sett all the transaction number to 1.


Last Invoice Log:

Enter the last invoice number printed on the invoice log.

If an invoice has been deleted then this invoice number will need to be incremented to the next invoice number to be printed on the invoice log.