Accountants Report

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Accountants Report

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Use the accountant report to custom design a general ledger report. This may be required if a report is required suitable for the tax department. These will include a Balance Sheet and Profit % Loss summary report.

This may avoid having to export a report and use a excel spread sheet to massage into the desired format.

Accountants Rreport1

Report Code:

Press the dropdown to select existing Accountants Reports




Prev Year

Select Previous years to report on last financial data.



Select borders for rows and columns to be surrounded by borders.

Account Column:

For diagnostic purposes it is useful to display the PBC accounts in the report.


Select Periods:

If no periods are selected then all current financial year data is included in the report otherwise only the selected periods are included in the report.


Report Accounts:

Press the Reports Accounts to edit the report components.


Example Report

Accountants Rreport5


Accountants Rreport2



Accountants Rreport6


Accountants Rreport3



Accountants Rreport7


Accountants Rreport4