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This window is where the general ledger chart of accounts is set up.


A prerequisite to setting up a new account the digits after the department no  must exist in the Master Account.


This accounting system comes with a standard chart of accounts which  you may use or alternatively set up your own.


GL Account Chart

Gl Number:

Enter the general ledger number or part of the description to perform a search.



An alphanumeric field to concisely describe the general ledger number. Do NOT use quotation marks (e.g. "E") in the description as this will interfere with Report Headings.


Group No:

GL.GROUP.TYPE is used to structure the financial reports to allow subtotals to be printed when the group.type changes.

There is only one GL.GROUP.TYPE file and is common to all companies.

The GL.GROUP.TYPE file is used to verify valid group type in the GL.GROUP window.


Oh Type:

Overhead type is used in the overhead recovery report defining a sales group and grouping other accounts into an overhead type.

Press drop down for Overhead types


Account Type:


oA control account prevents users from posting to this account. Control accounts such as Debtor, Creditors, Inventory, Work in progress and Bank Account. These accounts have their data posted automatically as per department file.


oThis may only be a "C" or a "D" for Control or Detail account respectively.








Select the Group the account belongs to:


        A = Assets

        E = Expenses

        I = Income

        L = Liability


The group code is used for grouping the account for reporting purposes.


Cash Flow Type:






Myob Acct No: