General Ledger Journal

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General Ledger Journal

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1.Click in general ledger

2.Before processing the journal check if the account in question should be debited or credited.  to do this double click on account inquiry.  enter the general ledger number.  this will show the account in credit or debit.  eg  if you need to journal everything out of department 13 at month end.  type in 13320 and you will see that this is a credit account.  to make the balance zero you would need to do a journal that debits g/l 13320

3.Use the red book to write up your journal.  this way we always have a record of what you did

4.Double click on general ledger

5.Double click on transactions

6.Double click on journals

7.Enter the correct date and give the journal number from the records book (red book).  eg  45/5

8.Enter the amount of the journal

9.Enter the general ledger numbers and write a description of what you are doing.  eg  write off dept 13 month end June 07

10.Save the journal and then post

11.You can now go back into account inquiry in the general ledger and check that you did the journal correctly.  if you did it the wrong way around then you need to do it again twice to correct it.