Finalise New Employee

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Finalise New Employee

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To complete the set up of a new employee you need to: .


Double click on personnel, Double click on employee master.  Double click on the employee name.


Choose the misc tab across the top of the form.  This is where you enter long service numbers, oh&s induction numbers, drivers licence numbers and expiry dates.  Click on a similar employee to view what is in the IR MISC TAB.  While you are processing payroll if a licence expires you will get a message on the screen.  This is a very important step.  Eg we do not want people driving our vehicles with no licence or signing off certificates without a current electrical contractors licence.  Remember to add the new employee to the long service payments corp in nsw or vic if applicable.


Empoyee Expiry


You have now completed the three (3) steps to setting up a new employee.  All employees must have the three (3) steps or the pay will not process correctly.

Step 1  add new employee

Step 2  employee payroll default

Step 3  employee timecard default