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The favourite tool bar is used to store frequently used functions selected from options available to the user as setup by the system administrator.

To setup your favourite options press the favourites Favourite2 from the quick access tool bar or from the backstage favourites option.


After pressing the Favourite setup button Favourite2the favourite menu is displayed for selection:




Select the required function from the left hand pane and drag the function to the right hand pane while holding down the mouse button. Each additional function will be added to module from which the function belongs. These modules and function are sorted in alphabetical order. Press the Ok button to save the changes. It is suggested NOT too many items are added to the favourites as ALL functions are also available from either of the standard menus.

Each of the modules are identified by their unique icon.


After the user adds more than 24 functions on the favourites ribbon any extra functions will be displayed with smaller icons. Hover over the function and a tool tip will display the complete function description.


Right click on the favourites ribbon to select the favourite ribbon options:




To minimise the favourites ribbon select "Minimize the Ribbon" option. This will give the user more space to display selected forms/windows.

Press the Favourites tab to display the favourites ribbon.