Pay Defaults

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Pay Defaults

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Employee payroll defaults.  This is the pay that will be processed weekly if you do not make changes.


employee Default1

Hour Codes

To enter a code for hours double click in an empty code cell and select the code required.

Usually the "NP" for normal pay is selected as the first entry and is a required entry to signify the normal hours worked.


Allowance And Deduction Codes

Double click on the code column to display the allowance & deduction codes then enter the qty and rate.



Enter reminder text to be displayed whenever this employee is being accessed in time card or payroll processing.




If saturday rate was a fixed amount you would type the amount in reminder. Eg saturday rate $260.00.  Saturday rate overtime indicates that all overtime including saturday for this employee is overtime.  First 2 hours is time & a half and everything after is double time.  If this employee was office they would have np (normal pay) at 40 hours only.  You would leave everything else blank.  Check the gross pay on the right hand side.  Ensure this is the same as the amount negotiated with the employee