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Employee Master

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This is where you can change bank account details, addresses and departments etc.  If you make a change in here make sure that the change is reflected in employee pay defaults and employee time card defaults.  Eg  if you change the department you would need to change the department in time card defaults.


employee Master1

Fill in details as required.

employee Master2

Fill in details as required

Super Amount:

Enter a fixed amount of super if the super amount deducted from each pay is not a percentage. If the amount is non zero then the percentage amount is to be zero. Must enter either an amount OR a percentage.


Super Percent:

Enter the percent of gross pay for the super amount deducted from each pay. If the Percent is non zero then the Super Amount above must be zero. Must enter either an Percentage OR an Amount.

employee Master3

Employees can have more than one (1) bank account.  Ensure that the last account on the page is the account that the balance of pay will go into.  You cannot send pay to a credit card.



Enter a valid Bank BSB number or double click for a complete listing of BSB number. If a new BSB number needs to entered the go to general ledger maintenance/Tables/BSB codes-> to enter the BSB details before proceeding with the remaining EFT details.



Enter the bank account number of where the payroll payment is to me made.



Enter the branch name of the bank account. This is usually the suburb where the branch is located.



Enter the amount to be deducted from each pay into the corresponding bank account. If this amount is greater that the remaining balance of pay than this amount witll be reduced to the balance of pay.

If the amount is left blank then the remaining pay balance will be put into this account.

If more than one bank account is entered than the last entry should be the blank amount.


EFT Code:

Enter the text to be printed onto the receivers bank statement. This is to identify where the payment is coming from for payments automatically deducted from the employee pay.

e.g If rent is automatically deducted from a persons pay then the agent number needs to printed on the real estate agents bank statement to indicate who is paying the rent.


Payslip Print Option:




Select this radio button if the payslip is to be emailed to the employee.

If this box is checked the an Email address must be entered below

Email Address:

Enter the email address where the payslip is to be sent. The Email check box must be checked to invoke emailing the payslip to this employee. This email address may not be the same as the email address for general correspondence located on the Personal page.


employee Master4

Fill in details above as required

Payroll Account:

Press the dropdown to display/select a valid payroll account



Enter the general ledger department. This is the department where the costings are posted to the general ledger.

Press the dropdown for department list.


Staff Type:

Use the dropdown to select the staff type.



Enter the award classification for the employee.


Default Clocking Code:



Enter the classification of the employee within the Award.

E.g The Award may be "ELECTRICAL TRADES" and the Class may be "2nd year apprentice"

This text entered is not validated. Some reports are generated using the class so it is important to be consistant in the wording of the class for these reports to be meaningful.


Start Date:

Enter the employee start date.


Termination Date:

Enter the date this employee has been terminated. The termination date is required prior to changing the employee status to "T" for terminated.


Last Increase Date:

This date is annually updated to record when the employee has received an increase in the pay rate.


Start Time:

Enter the employee normal work starting time. Start time may be entered in the following formats:

 [Hour] [Minute]

 8.30                = 08:30Am

 8 30                = 08:30Am

 8Am                = 08:00Am

 16                = 04:00Pm

 4 30Pm        = 04:30Pm


Finish Time:

Enter the employee normal work finishing time. Start time may be entered in the following formats:

 [Hour] [Minute]

 8.30                = 08:30Am

 8 30                = 08:30Am

 8Am                = 08:00Am

 16                = 04:00Pm

 4 30Pm        = 04:30Pm


Lunch Start Time:

Used to calculate paid hours from Job Clocking.


Lunch Finish Time:

Used to calculate paid hours from Job Clocking.                



SL Anniv Date:


This is the date when a years worth of entitlements will be accrued. The Sick Leave Anniversary Date will be incremented by 1 year after accrual has been issued.


AL Anniv Date:

This is the date when a years worth of Annual will be accrued if the accrual is set as annual in the Staff Type file. The Annual Leave Anniveray Date will be incremented by 1 year after accrual has been issued.


Monthly Accrual Date:

The monthly accrual date determines when the next sick leave is to be accrued for the employees first year of employment.

If the pay date is greater than the Monthly Accrual Date then one days sick leave will be accrued for this pay and the Monthly Accrual Date will be incremented by 1 month.


The Sick leave will be accrues on a monthly basis for the first year of employment until the number of months employed times the normal hours per day is greater than the annual entitlements for the first year as indicated by the staff hours type table for this employee.


Accrual will not take place if the employee has been employed for more than 1 year.


If an employee has been transferred from an existing department and has already accrued sick leave from the previous department then ensure the Monthly Accrual Date is at least 1 year from the start date to avoid accruing sick leave on a every pay.


employee Master5



Double click on clothing to record any company supplied protective clothing.


Any expiry dates that have been expired will be display a message while processing a time card and payroll.

The expiry message is displayed when the expiry date is greater than to days date not the processing date.


employee Master6


References are external documents associated with this employee. E.g. Scanned image of driver licence, Employment contract document etc.

Double click on empty cell to record reference.

Double click on NON empty cell to display reference details