Delete Creditors Master

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Delete Creditors Master

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After pressing the delete button in the creditors master window and the delete has failed then:


If the delete creditor has failed because there are some stock items with a supplier code that is being deleted then these warehouse details records will need to be edited and the supplier code removed.

To do this perform the following:

1.Go to creditors inquiry

2.Press the Stock Items tab

3.Double click on an item number in the item list. This will open the national stock inquiry window.

4.Double click on the warehouse. This will open the warehouse details window.

5.Press the "Suppliers" tab.

6.Remove the supplier code being deleted.


Repeat 3-6 for each of the items in the item table.


If when deleting the supplier code the user is requested to delete any supplier costing records then you may need to exit the creditor inquiry and re enter the creditors inquiry and confirm that all the items have been removed. If not then again repeat 3-6 above.


If the above has failed and you are sure the creditor is still valid to be deleted call for support for further instructions.