Debtor Controls

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Debtor Controls

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Use the debtor control file to store debtor module parameters.


Cash Sales Debtors:

A list of cash debtors used in electrical work orders.


Word Merge File Name:

Used as a default for mail merge. You must create a word merge file prior to inserting a Word Merge File Name.



Over Credit Email Addresses:

Used to email recipients for activities relating to invoicing in electrical work orders


Credit Terms Adj.:

Credit terms adjustments is to adjust the creditor terms in the debtors master file by the value entered. This value is normally a negative number to account for different days in the month. eg. Ref = 28 days therefore reduce the creditor days by -3 to emulate end of month.

This adjustment only applies to credit terms of 30,60 and 90 days.


Interest Details

Used to set the default interest charge parameters.



Interest rate changed on overdue debtors invoices.



The department charging the interest.


Gl Account:

The general ledger account number for the debtor general ledger invoice.


Minimum Amount:

The minimum invoice amount. Any interest amount below this amount will not be included in the Interest Charge debtor list.