DealerPro Imports

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DealerPro Imports

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Dealer Generic Import Procedure:



1.        Get the latest copy of Dealer Pro Files. These include:

 All import files are tab delimeted txt files. Make sure leading zeros are not deleted.

         DCT01.txt        Warehouse 1 (Castlereagh data)

         DCT02.txt        Warehouse 2 (Orange data)

         DCT03.txt        Warehouse 3 (Fish & Ski Data)




         COSTWIP.txt        Job details



         WIPNAME.txt        Job Names & model Nos


         debtortrans.txt        Debtor Invoices

         CredBal.csv        Creditor Balances



****                GL_ACMAST.csv (Changed file name from ACMAST.CSV)

****                GL_TRIALBAL.csv (Changed file name from TRIALBAL.CSV)


3.        Attach Dealer Pro Data

         Change import file names as per above

4.        Import Inventory

         1. Clear table warehouse_details

         2. Clear tbale inventory

         3. Change import routine file name to DCT01FINAL.txt then start import

         4. Change import routine file name to DCT02FINAL.txt then start import

         5. Change import routine file name to DCT03FINAL.txt then start import

         6. Now check for supplier code errors and other errors.


4.   GL import Procedure

 1. Open GL import Routine.

 2. This routine will clear existing Gl accounts and GLCHT

 3. Start import

 4. Open GL_Amount import routine

 5. Start import

 6. Run Balance sheet report and check against Dealer Pro gl reports.

 7. Make sure the periods in the Group Master are the correct


5.  Customer import Procedure

 1. Changed import routine not to override existing customer and debtors

 2. Need to check new customers and that existing customer are the same as Myob customers.

 3. Existing customers saved temporary_customers file. Run Report comparing temp customers with current customers.  

 4. Discuss with WFSS about new customers



6.  Supplier Import Procedure




7.  Job Import procedure