Creditors Warehouses

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Creditors Warehouses

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Creditors warehouse is used by the purchasing module to send the PO to different addresses but the same creditor.

There must be at least one warehouse entry for every creditor. A creditors warehouse will be added whenever a new creditor is added to the creditors master file.



A creditors may have multiple outlets or branches but all payments are processed by the head office.



Creditors Warehouse1




Creditors Warehouse2

Comments transferred to PO wizard

Enter the comments used when entering a new purchase order.


Delivery Costs:


Enter the standard delivery or freight charges for this creditors warehouse.

This delivery charge will is used as the Purchase Order default delivery amount.

If the delivery charge is a blank in the CREDITORS_MASTER file, then the default delivery amount used in the purchase order will acquired from the DELIVER_TO file.

If the delivery charge is ZERO then ZERO delivery amount will be used in the purchase order.