Clocking Hours

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Clocking Hours

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Clocking hours are used as an interim record to adjust clocking hours before uploading to time card for payroll processing.

At the moment this is only used by Don Clark Tractors.

Clocking Hours

We Date:

Enter the pay week ending date. This is the same date used for time card entry.

Press the drop down to display the calendar.


Normal Hours:

Enter the single time (normal hours) for each day.


Press the Download job Clocking button to automatically download the job clocking details.


Press the UPLOAD Time card button to automatically create the time card details. This button is disabled if the time card already exists.


Press the VIEW time card to display the time card details.


The Employee list is populated with all the OPEN employees.


Employee Colours as follows:

Red        No Clocking Hours and NO time card

Blue        Clocking Hours and No Time Card

Yellow        No Clocking Hours and time card

Green        Clocking Hours and time card (complete)



See the dealer account for further details.